Wigan Greenheart

Leigh, Makerfield, Wigan

Huge area of urban greenland, few facilities but walking, cycling, nature and sport

(no website) Map


Wigan ‘Greenheart’ is signposted, rightly. Under‐promoted—no public map, so the map here is a guess with only some areas labelled (one source lists eighteen sites). Paths everywhere, often good. Mostly quiet with urban sound effects. Eight and a half miles of at least semi‐managed greenland, for example, it contains Wigan’s ‘flash’ area (marked on the map). Greenheart is not scenic, and contains no national attractions, but has a flow of small‐scale interest—‐canals, Sites of Special Scientific Interest, the flashes, and the entertainment riot of Haigh Country Park. Greenheart is mostly visited in parts and for purpose—‘let’s go for a bike‐ride’. Only worth travelling for with specific interests… but somewhere quiet, big enough to be worth the word ‘explore’, and a resource for not one but three wards, must be noted.


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