This site has criteria about what will be listed.


We’ve had problems with this already… ‘A Day Out In Manchester’ is not a ‘local history’ site. It is not a ‘landmarks’ site. It is not an ‘event‐listings’ site. It is not a ‘hot trends’ site. It is not a ‘fun things to do’ site. It’s an index to ideas for something to do, something different. The site may include ideas from these categories, but many items from those categories will not be eligible.

The criteria

The places/activities,

must be within Greater Manchester

…but it’s a huge place—the furthest extent is near 25 miles from the centre. To give you some idea, that’s only a mile short of London’s M25 (maps don’t show this, they colour built‐area)

must be a notable example

…or something you won’t get somewhere else

can be unusual

This site seems to have a wider range of ‘notable’ than most. If I thought it was worth the bother, I would post on an archaeological dig or a factory

must occupy yourself or others for a few hours

This is not the site for listing ‘The unusual stone that lies by the side of the back alley’

should preferably have an interest that is reasonably wide, or offers other options

So that even people who do not want to go, as an example ice‐curling, can pass the time. By options, I mean maybe sit on a bench or look round a shop

must be a permanent fixture

The place may be open for limited hours, or only in season, but must be an ongoing operation

Some upshots: landmarks are not a day out. I’m suspicious of places that are supposed to be notable or famous and I sometimes warn against them. Unless with some casual interest, the site will not cover venues. I almost never review events—I suppose if there was a regular display of ice‐sculpture at Xmas, I may review that.

However, there are exceptions,

  • A few sites have been included because, though small, they are ‘worth a visit’

  • Activities and walks may be included because they are unusual or useful

Worth a visit

‘Worth A Visit’ places are not worth travelling for. Whatever the place is, museum/park/shopping, it will not occupy enough time, it is too small, or/and may lack surrounding/nearby facilities. That said, if you are near, these places will be of interest, perhaps even a tourist attraction. Note that if you think this means we will include statues and piles of brick, no—these entries must still be unusual and offer substantial engagement over a period of time. They may, for example, be an outstanding local park or a small museum.


If an activity is unusual, even if of limited timespan, then it may be included. The site would include, for example, a climbing wall, or a dry ski‐slope. Main criteria here is that the Activity/Watch/Shop may be stated as a reason for travel.


Walks near the centre

Walks within and around the central areas of Manchester have special criteria. A walk in the centre is included because it is,

  • over two miles long

  • not (mainly) on roads

  • a few times, of practical use

There are not many.

Walks at the Pennine Edge

The East side of Manchester, and some of the North side, stops where it meets the South Pennines. This site is for ideas, so will not list the many walks and attractions along these edges. All you need to know is that you could, in those places, go for a walk—and good places to start/end/visit.


Although I have not rejected any place/activity because of transport, I care about access. For those who use public transport, the site notes how it can be used. For those who own vehicles, the site notes issues with parking. The availability of transport can cause a review to be more positive or negative.

Say hello

If you want to argue a case for a place or activity, contact. Or contact anyway, tell your experience.