Three Sisters

South Wigan, 2.5 miles

Outdoor, designed vehicle racetrack


image of three-sisters

Get there

Public transport: Train ‘Bryn’ and bus must walk through industrial estate. Price for single‐adult cart session. Includes £3 for balaclava for use with racecourse‐supplied helmet. Cart sessions are in the evening, 30 mins long.


Three Sisters is an outdoor racetrack designed for purpose. The track has a complex set of bends, with an alternate route and two inner loops. Three Sisters is on flat land, but was built round slag heaps (that’s why the name) used to build terracing (but take seats, because the terracing is only grassy banks), and is set in field and moss far from residential buildings. Three Sisters is only 1 mile in size, so it’s not the Nürburgring, but is always listed as one of the twenty or so ‘proper’ tracks in the UK. In the woodland the same organisation run laser combat. Upsides: all safety clothing provided. Many drive possibilities—want to drift the family car? Nicest online booking and payment system I’ve tried. If you don’t want to watch or drive, acres of field and path, an adventure playground, pond and cafe. Downsides: online reports of queues and long (over 1 hour) waits at group events, complaints about escalating costs including an undisclosed insurance waiver (£30), some reports of rude staff, and a casual attitude set on glamour not welcome. Overall: the real thing, open, expensive.