Worthington Lakes

North Wigan, 3 miles

Country park with no facilities, fishing and bird‐watching


image of worthington-lakes

Get there

Public transport: buses run maybe every 1/2 hour, but must walk up road from the turn. Private transport: there is a little carpark.


WARNING: no facilities and no dogs (dog‐owners—it’s because of the wildlife, please find somewhere else). Worthington Lakes is two reservoirs and a few pools, not lakes. The reservoirs are high, but in rolling farmland, so the ‘valley’ is no more than 20 feet deep. Good place for shallow reservoirs, but not scenic. Mid‐size, and only a walk round. No facilities—toilets, cafe or so forth. In a remote suburb, no shops nearby. This far, fails the criteria, however… Worthington lakes is quiet, and the request for no dogs may be welcome for some. Then, the lower reservoir and reservoir cross‐path are flat tarmac at least 6 foot wide, so are good for restricted mobility. And the paths round all the reservoirs are wide, no less than four feet, and only low‐sloped, with no road, which is rare. Finally, there are birds and fish here, and I’m not talking about a mud hole which needs binoculars—even those not seeking may see robins, herons or swans. If you would like the wildlife, may be worth travelling for. Also, though the walk is untried, only 1 1/2 mile from Haigh Country Park.