TransPennine, Altrincham-Stretford

Stretford, Altrincham

Half‐road, half‐field connective route, dangerous on foot


Warning: if on foot. avoid… use the Bridgewater Canal (can rejoin the TransPennine at Sale Water Park). Not a national route, the TransPennine Trail is part of a national initiative. The waymarking here is poor, missing, or at irrelevant points. Starts and ends 3/4 mile from stated locations, in places of no interest. Needs a map. At least four foot wide, on hard surface, all cycleable. Noise—half the so‐called path is B‐road. Suburb then field. For bicycles only, and no interest beyond the TransPennine Trail itself, or as connection between the Bridgewater Canal and the west Mersey. The alt path is part of River Mersey West, joins to a waste dump.


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