Bridgewater Canal South-West

Stretford, Wythenshawe, Altrincham

Canal from Warrington to Water’s End


Maintained and recent‐upgraded, so signposted everywhere. Maps east are at Warrington, 7 miles in, but enough for Manchester walking. Warrington–Altrincham is flat, well‐surfaced, too narrow for wheelchairs; Altrincham–Stretford is wide tarmac, hard on the hips. For a city, quiet. Stretch of road near Warrington, wide fields and woodland between Warrington–Altrincham, Altrincham–Stretford is an an urban walk. This early extension (to Runcorn) is all reasonable, Altrincham–Stretford is a local resource wide enough to take the traffic, a visible mile is fun, and a few good destinations/startpoints.


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