Dunham Massey

West Altrincham, 2 miles

Large house and grounds with many distributed attractions


image of dunham-massey

Get there

Public transport: There is a bus, and people use it, but it’s infrequent and Altrincham is not central. Times stated are for entry to the house—the garden, cafes and shop are usually open all days. Parking is full charged with house entry, price quoted is house entry for non‐members.


A National Trust property… one of the National Trust properties… the only National Trust property in Greater Manchester. If you enter through the gate, you see deer wander round picnic tables. Dunham Massey is past estate heading for palace, it is large and it’s attractions are easy. Space for everyone—older people seem as comfortable here as children. The park has animals like the deer, a watermill, woodland and flows of snowdrops. Too busy for me to get an ice‐cream, yet Dunham Massey has not one but several food outlets. The house is large too. Guides dress as performers, to explain as you wander the halls and corridors. The house makes a claim of history—but was occupied until 1976. Telephones and electric servant bells are screwed to the wall over mahogany tables and china. This makes the house lived in, as though the residents are only away on business. Dunham Massey is expensive. I’d say the expense compares favourably to a travel‐holiday or a visit to the cinema, but can understand a car full of family will be an outlay. Yet, if you have a vehicle, different ages and/or abilities, and are looking for a day out with much to do—but want an easy day—Dunham Massey is what you are after.