Stockport-East Didsbury

Heaton Lane

Easy‐access walk by river with greenery and much to see


image of stockport-east-didsbury

Get there

Public transport: Also tram to East Didsbury. Wide path with tarmac surface. However, access points are stiles and/or steps, so no wheelchairs. Access from Stockport—under the bridge (see image), left at the roundabout. At the river bridge, look for the steps.


When on the path, follow the river Mersey. The green along this walk is an unstable muddle of the ancient, opportunistic weeds and survivals from the ‘Landscape Designer’s Big Book of Color and Shape’. Through the greenery, there’s something to see every ten minutes. Maybe the ruins of Stockport’s industrial past, standing like old castles, or hunkered under the trees the Audi showroom, or the glass pyramid office, or the horses, or the air‐raid shelters in a cliff like pre‐history cave‐dwellings, or the bridge supports that look like piles and you walk underground. On a busy day there may be drinks vendors on the path—it’s often busy and is part of cycle routes. Also, Stockport is listed and the end can be Fletcher Moss Park, or East Didsbury—a suburban village with delis, chemists, convenience stores and pubs. If a suburban backroad ramble is your idea of a few hours out, this is a classic.