Stockport Centre

South East Manchester, 5 miles

Town centre with variety of low‐key shopping and small attractions


image of stockport-centre
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Get there

Public transport: Many buses to centre. Train station ‘Stockport’ 8 mins. Private transport: much parking in multi‐stories and street


Stockport cowers in a valley under a railway viaduct, and is centred round a 1960’s shopping centre, The Merseyway that, on a cold wet day, is dismal. However, the centre is partially covered, and the street design means it has not failed but has lively if basic shopping. Behind The Merseyway is a history‐pocket at Little Underbank and Mrs. Griffins Sweet Shop—the museum you can eat! Up the hill is the loveliest market building in Manchester, which shelters an excellent market. There’s visit attractions like the Hatter’s Museum, Staircase House, the Air‐Raid Shelters and Robinson’s Brewery. Also, a variety of cafes, which is rare, and pub‐collectors could visit time after time. The council has cleared reuse of viaduct‐land, a new bus centre and some Merseyway repurpose—no verdict yet. Nothing national, but Manchester residents will tell you that in Stockport you can get things done and do something different.