Bury Pennine Edge

North Bury, 1 1/2 miles

Moor area with some reasonable walks


image of bury-pennine-edge
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Get there

Public transport: Train/tram to stations ‘Bury’, but needs extra bus rides or the East Lancs Railway. Buses on all major roads. Private transport: access and parking everywhere.


Bury Pennine Edge is where the River Irwell comes down from the north through a three‐quarter‐mile wide valley. Bury suburb sprawls into this. Northwards, the east side starts strong, from Bolton Pennine Edge at the Peel Monument above Holcombe, with reasonable walks north and south. In the valley is Ramsbottom, which may make a day. But most of the valley bottom is noisy sprawl—yes, there are many small parks, but nothing to travel for, not even a walk by the river (only the Sculpture Trail). Then a rise to Middleton Edge and Owd Betts. Most of note, such as the mid‐size Burrs Country Park, is on the heritage East Lancashire Railway, one of Manchester’s top attractions. Talk of the railway… it runs beyond Manchester to Rossendale and Rawthenstall, both of note.