North Bury, 4 miles

Small place with maybe interesting features


image of ramsbottom
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Get there

Public transport: Buses from Bury. Heritage train by East Lancs Railway, can be regular, maybe three a day. Private transport: carparks near all named places


If you’re from the South, you’ll laugh at the name. Grow up. Ramsbottom is small, set in the Irwell Valley.and the first of posh(er) Lancashire. What? Stone houses, a mostly preserved main street, and over‐balanced food culture—fine‐food outlets, recommended public houses and restaurants, and a chocolate manufacturer/outlet. Holcombe has passable moorside and the Peel Monument, or walk west to Turton (and Jumbles). No museums, architecture, power‐history or art. But the heritage train‐station and the craft warehouse. Also the small Nuttal Park and cafe. As a day out Ramsbottom is moorside, mid‐steep and in bad weather will smash out your lights. Storms aside… moorside walks, a large craft warehouse, posh food and/or the railway station are specialized but could, for the right people, make a day.