Staircase House

Market Place

House museum of unusual ages in history, largely intact or re‐enacted


image of staircase-house
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Get there

Public transport: about 15mins from Stockport’s bus centres. Much is pedestrianised, but also a steep climb to the market.


Staircase House seems like one of Stockport’s many little attractions. It’s a story—Stockport residents believed an arsoned building had value, so the local council backed down from demolition, instead supported a rebuild. Staircase House is part and demonstratively Medieval. A (I admit) quick search tells me Staircase House is likely one of the oldest standing buildings you will find in England that is not a church, fortification, bridge or burial ground—in other words, the way town people lived. If the names mean anything to you, this is maybe 60 years after Chaucer, 100 years before Thomas Hobbes and Francis Bacon. An unpopular time in English history because England, as was, muddled forward from backwater to fallow. Staircase House puts you right into it. And I won’t spoil, but the last few rooms are as good as a film. Staircase House may be a small museum, perhaps 40 mins to an 1 hr of your time, but is larger than it seems from the modest front, and an epoch of time.