Jumbles Country Park

North Bolton, 3.75 miles

Valley‐reservoir country park, with extensive further walking


image of jumbles-country-park

Get there

Public transport: Train, Bromley Cross, 3/4 mile. Some buses go close, but likely a 3/4 mile road walk. Private transport: Jumbles has three small carparks spread round the reservoir.


Jumbles Country Park is part in Bolton, though far north. It’s a valley reservoir, which makes for a long walk. There’s a path all round, wide and only one short section on road. The reservoir winds side‐to‐side, with interesting plants round the edge, including rhododendrons and yew trees. On the east side a cafe with indoor/outdoor seating and home‐made decor. Jumbles is charming, and good for those with limited mobility or other issues. But Jumbles is, unusually, a new country park—1971. It’s at the base of the Bradshaw Valley, which runs up the Pennine foothills to Blackburn. And is surrounded by farmland, with waymarked footpaths that head in every direction. If you walk up the valley, only half a mile away is Turton Tower, a house visit with grounds, shop etc. And yet more walking through Edgeworth past Wayoh and Entwhistle reservoirs, with the Bradshaw Valley coming on like Lancashire outland of the Yorkshire Dales. And a path 1/2 of the way to Bolton down Bradshaw Brook. You’ll need to plan what and how you are going to take this in, but if you like a ramble, this is a place.