Piccadilly Gardens-Etihad Stadium

Piccadilly Gardens

Walk from the centre to the carless stadium


image of piccadilly-gardens-etihad-stadium
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Get there


Leave Piccadilly on, for example, Newton Street, right onto Dale Street. Goto end, left onto Dulcie Street, join Ashton canal on right (see access image), follow canal to Etihad Stadium. Path over bridge to shop. There’s some background to this walk. In about 2019 the Manchester City website tried to encourage people to walk to and from the Ehihad Stadium. The stadium has a well‐signposted, wide path with street‐lighting that flows to Holt Park tram stop. Which is good. After that, the walk to the city centre is not good—watch people cut right to the New Islington tram stop, which was never intended as a footpath, or use Pollard Street—anything to avoid Merrill and Every Street. The path here will not carry a football crowd but, if it’s not a match day and you want to walk to Etihad, this is the way.