Bury Centre

North Manchester, 7 1/2 miles

Compact town centre, part‐pedestrianised with good shopping and attractions


image of bury-centre

Get there

Public transport: Many buses to centre. No train. Tram ‘Bury’ escalator to centre. Private transport: parking is mostly forbidden in the centre, several small open and storied parks on the ring road, 5 mins walk


Bury… a small but active covered market. Also the adventurous museum/art gallery but, as usual, the English struggle to justify the public. Justified and across the road is the Fusilier Museum—any museum with a place for Napoleon must be notable. Bury centre has it’s Sixties development, Millgate, but this wasn’t a thorough disaster of the short‐term and dirt‐cheap. In recent years Millgate has been followed, a few hundred metres north, by a metal‐box development, The Rock—pleasant mid‐level shunt‐shopping, and it’s situation has avoided destroying the centre. Which leaves Bury’s standout attractions in place—the massive, not‐of‐this‐century semi‐covered market, the East Lancs Railway station, and it’s associated Bury Transport Museum—£5 entry, mid‐size with a national range of exhibit from a Scammell Scarab to a Wren locomotive. Something for most kinds of town days out (except maybe not a football team…), and popular.