TransPennine, Reddish-Hadfield

Stalybridge, Reddish

Muddled, pinned‐together walk path through good locations


Warning: This path is for walkers (official alternatives exist for horses and cyclists). Not a national route, the TransPennine Trail is part of a national initiative. The Transpennine enters this section along the River Tame from Stockport then moves on a cross‐country route. Few marks and poor positioning. The route is heavily modified. The official Transpennine is poor for walkers. Unclear direction at every junction, but mistakes obvious. Too much road, underfoot varied, sometimes steep. Background noise, but shrubs when not estate. You choose—geography overwhelmed by incoherent sociology and an estate‐walk; or highlights like Werneth Low and the edge of the Peak District. Alternative routes not explored: the official Transpennine may be good cycling.


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