River Medlock South

Manchester, Ashton Under Lyne

Parks joined by any means


WARNING: Ancoats–Daisy Nook called as ungood. It was/is an official route, the ‘Medlock Valley Way’—I found maybe two rusting signposts. I’ve completely re‐routed the section between Piccadilly and Etihad, to be more honest and include a duckpond. Looses the river between Clayton Vale and Daisy Nook. A navigation puzzle in many places. In rain, Bell Clough is like a trench, steep in places, multiple roads to cross or walk down, and the Medlock sometimes stinks. Some of this is potentially scenic, but scraps of woods and estate roads are not enough. If you stick to Ancoats or one of the parks, reasonable, anything else is only for urban adventure.


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