Wing Yip Supermarket

North West Manchester, 1/3 mile

Chinese‐culture food cash‐and‐carry and supermarket


image of wing-yip-supermarket

Get there

Public transport: Many buses along Oldham Road. 7min walk from Manchester centre. Private transport: Small carpark, entrance south side, access through Thompson Street, 30mins only. Some street‐bay parking at Cross Keys Street and Addington Street, other street parking may be possible.


Wing Yip started in Birmingham, Manchester was the second store. This is a small chain of stores (four), but trading for over fifty years. Avoid the north side of the huge building, which is a depot for the the Royal Mail. You can’t miss—there’s a three‐story pagoda with Chinese hip roofing on the corner, and further tiled styling for 400m along Oldham Road. The Manchester store includes import and export activity, a business centre and the Glamorous Chinese Restaurant. Curiously unwelcoming by foot—a security gate with no footpath. Inside is, for a cash‐and‐carry warehouse, clean and well‐faced, if old‐fashioned (maybe some of the charm?). If you want to imagine a Kung‐Fu film, you are welcome to wander the cash‐and‐carry, but the business is the public supermarket. This is only average size but, like most Chinese supermarkets, packed with art. The soya and sesame racks could be wine racks at the most exclusive of national foodhalls—oh, and live seafood. If you have interest or curiosity, easy passes our specialist criteria because, without stepping outside the door, one may travel the whole world.