Tandle Hill

Halfway between Rochdale and Oldham

Unusual woodland with trig‐point views


image of tandle-hill
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Get there

Public transport: awkward. You need to get to Oldham (or Rochdale), there’s no other way. Get off at Thornham Old Road, a pleasant country road. Private transport: small carpark at site, overspill to Tandle Hill Rd. On holidays you must walk.


Tandle Hill has a cute kiosk which sells toasted sandwiches and a drinks, and a small adventure playground. It has no design of note, nor buildings, and a little history. Also, I’m not sure how other reports are measuring—we make the main area of Tandle Hill 3/4 mile square, which is small. We’ve not listed sites with more. But …Tandle Hill is Birch‐tree woodland, so open and not soggy. Also, the park stands on an outlier uplift of the South Pennines, which means it’s up high—the park ends at a trig‐point with a views of Manchester like widescreen (featuring A627(M) RingRoadScope). And this outlier is uneven, which makes the woodland into a spectacular swoop–climb of little valleys and crests. Tandle Hill has no need of other attractions, is a natural for kids and parents and, yes, is worth a trip. Also, reputedly, good eating places nearby.