Science and Industry Museum

Liverpool Road, off Deansgate

Large museum of science and industrial artefact


image of science-and-industry-museum

Get there

Public transport: Freebus goes near. ‘Deansgate ‐ Castlefield’ tram, 8 mins. ‘Deansgate’ train station same place, but likely not usable. Private transport: Water Street maybe the closest, but 20mins walk.


In an area known as Castlefield, the Science and Industry Museum is, without the name, national. This was a huge museum but currently (2022) only mid/large. The Aerospace Hall closed 2020, regretfully. The Power Hall, 1830 Warehouse and station are closed for restoration (anticipated opening 2023). Which leaves the main building. Two floors. Little ‘industry’, you’ll find no factories or Friedrich Engels; and no science either—I don’t recall for example John Dalton. But plenty of technology. Has the textile gallery, which more or less covers the spinning of cotton—working machines model the floor of a mill. Medical science gear. A ‘Baby’ computer replica. Rotating exhibits, of course e.g The Rocket, or a first Rolls Royce. Informative signage, Plenty of kid stuff (the modern excuse). Lifts to all areas. The internal yard is currently unused. Shop and cafe. Despite current reductions, space for crowds and can pass an hour, easy.