Manchester Museum

Oxford Road

Large museum packed with ancient artefacts


image of manchester-museum

Get there

Public transport: many buses. Private transport: Oxford Road is restricted car access. Also avoid Open Days etc. Many carparks e.g. Booth Street West, Manchester Aquatic Centre (4 mins, cross‐block), both good reputation, Dilworth Street (street parking, average reputation).


Manchester University is one of the largest in the UK, and this is it’s museum—which is large, if not huge. If you asked a kid to draw a museum, it would be three stories high, made of stone with pointy bits, and inside would be butterflies, Egyptian mummies and dinosaurs—which is Manchester Museum. Despite the university’s achievements in science and technology, the museum is mostly a display of ancient natural and social artefact. A few millions has built a new extension (2023) for the Egyptian collection, which has a subdued, effective gloom. At base, two floors, but across two buildings, with a two‐layer bridge. The building would make a flow‐designer despair, but the adventurous will love the corners and twisty stairs. Packed with more exhibits than a Gothic attic. Signage is serious enough for adults also. One of the most popular visits in Manchester. Now with two pavement ramps, modern lifts and every kind of support. You’ll tire long before you can finish this… if you tire there’s a cafe, and more outside in Oxford Road (for example the intriguing Eighth Day or Hatch).