Manchester Art Gallery

Mosley Street

Art gallery with deep collection and innovative exhibits


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Get there

Public transport: tram or bus to ‘St. Peter’s Square’.


The English view framed‐art as a harmless passtime that, at best, provides something nice to hang on the wall. It wasn’t always like this, back two centuries Art was an outlay of Empire riches. Manchester Art Gallery can’t match the heft or spending power of, say, the Louvre, the Museum of Modern Art or the National Gallery, but it’s a wonder anywhat. In an ideal location, in a notable building and, you’ll not hear me say this often, the modern extensions work with the old building—glass and strong. It may not have famous items but has depth of collection—mainly English Victorian/Edwardian, but back and forward also—you can see Turner and Lowry. As for curation, the museum is original, engaged and sometimes funny (Scandinavian furniture was a gem), long enough for me to recommend with some assurance—go look at the third floor. Only downsides are some modern ‘realist’ and multi‐media work has crept in and, recently, the Gallery has shown signs of Community Hub impulse. Has a toddler area, a cafe and a shop. One of Manchester’s most popular attractions—even if you think you or who you are with are not ‘into’ art, worth a go.