Invisible Cities

Various, central

Tours of the city by guides with unusual outlooks


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Various start points, all central, such as Whitworth Art Gallery, Victoria Station, Manchester Cathedral etc. Fairly regular on Saturdays at 11am and Sundays at 2pm. Other days/times also—check the website for availability. Duration: usually two hours. Price is for single adult.


Best to book online. A note on the otherwise informative, easy booking system—the tours need a few people, so some dates you need to book for two or more. Many of these tours are packed with interested friends or singles so, though there are sometimes works groups, don’t be put off. More than happy to support mobility limitations, and frequently do. We’ve pinned St. Annes Square, in tribute to the street artwork that stands front of the church—if you want to know, go look. These are walk tours of the city through back‐alleys, transport systems, music scenes or people history… and other unusual angles. The idea started in Edinburgh, has spread to other cities. A tour will likely mix personal experience with local/international history. The guides were homeless, or had/have other social issues. These tours often gain star ratings—people say the personal experiences are riveting, the history unusual, the guides charming. Some people book in Xmas holidays, so they’ve done something worthwhile and memorable. Support with forethought, but if trailing through shops has got you down, this is your answer—without this, you don’t know Manchester.