Imperial War Museum North

Salford Quays

Museum of artefacts from war


image of imperial-war-museum-north

Get there

Public transport: tram stop ‘Imperial War Museum’, buses to same place. Flat walk to the Quay and entrance. Private transport: pay‐carpark needs a cash‐card.


Upfront: There’s misunderstanding about this museum. It is not an exhibition of war machines—it’s remit is “ The impact of war on individuals”. Review follows this premise. Bag checks at door. The IWMN (often referred to by acronym) is one big room on the first floor, cafe on the ground floor. Purpose‐built, worth a walk round the outside, and you will inside not notice as you flow round the areas. Easy to wander at whim, subdued with no outside light. A mix of art and artefact that I fear—fortunately, the museum keeps the art to installations. Exhibits are placed clean and clear as possible. Exhibits of a range you will not find elsewhere—revolvers, propaganda, diaries, landmines. Artefacts like a Trabant car, a Leopard Mk IV and a Harrier Jump Jet. Avoids opinion by reference to many well‐known modern wars, and topics like women, the Cold War, war aftermath and media. As a result, may for some lack engagement. Hourly, films are projected on the walls. Good footage, but the pitch is soft and righteous—I’d prefer Pathé newsreel or similar, but perhaps that’s too much. End: concern for balance makes shallow, not for children, but popular, and you can’t argue with the weight of artefact.