Heaton Park

North East Prestwich 1/2 mile

Huge park with many attractions


image of heaton-park
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Get there

Public transport: Buses to either side of the park. Tram stop ‘Heaton Park’ is in the park on the west side. Private transport: three or six carparks, with overflow capacity. Worth noting: this park is closed i.e. locked, between dusk and dawn.


Try to park near where you want to visit—the main body of Heaton Park is a square mile or larger. The park is sometimes a site for sports, music and cultural events but, unless you don’t like the music, there’s space alltimes for a casual visit. Attractions (of which there are many): a large boating lake where you can hire paddle‐boats. Next to the boating lake is a large cafe. Heaton Park Tramway is a full‐size historic tram with 1km of track across the park past the boating lake (trams run at weekends). The tram stops at centre and east have cafes and small transport museums, open when the park is open. There’s trees at the east end of the lake, but up the hill is where larger patches of trees and tree walks start. Also a garden centre, a greenhouse, and the secret lake (follow the signposts). Next to those is the hall, which is closed to casual visitors. However, this is where to find the animal centre (spring–summer, daytime) and another large cafe. Further up the hill are the bowling greens and treetop/kid’s adventure playgrounds. Top east is the golf course. There’s some objects and sites here and there. Also, the formal gardens—find them near the hall.