Free Manchester Walking Tour

Sackville Gardens

Walk tour of city centre


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Get there

Public transport: Buses on Whitworth Street. ‘Oxford Road’/‘Piccadilly’ train stations, 10 mins. Private transport: NCP Sackville Street mid‐rated, Manchester Bloom Street and NCP, both near National Express. LGBT variant (Saturdays, £10). Booking discouraged. Duration: 2 1/2 hrs with break


Easy. Except obvious holidays like Christmas Day (but bank holidays ok), 11am, Sackville Gardens by the Alan Turing Statue. Recognise the guides by their blue t‐shirts with yellow logo. Dogs, kids and wheelchairs likely ok, but you can contact the organisation to check. The tours were first organised by students, yet have endured past seven years, so gained a little fixed‐signposting. Many varied people on the tours. Route through the centre slides through backstreets, emerging at known places from unusual directions. There’s a notable effort to not give a ‘sights’ tour, but a history of Manchester. Given the time, this is large presentation, and widely researched. Also enthusiastic and full of humour. But the commentary is fair, touches on personal affairs, people conflict and political tension. Delivers a bottle‐dose of popular culture. Very highly rated online. I’d say, if you like the idea of this tour—easy entry and open presentation—then go, enjoy likely the best tour of the city.