Etherow Country Park

East Stockport 4.6 miles

Park with geenery and water


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Get there

Public transport: Nearest train station is ‘Marple Bridge’, 1.5 miles of busy road, so no. Private transport: tiny carparks overflow to the village, so you will find a place somewhere, but may need to walk


Etherow is formed round a small mill pond and includes some distance with a further tiny fishing pool. None of which, or the web, will explain why Etherow is popular. The park is in a small steep valley, cut by the River Etherow into the foothills of the South Pennines/Peak District. The river runs much lower, there are streams down the sides, so this narrow valley has water on every level. The steep sides of the valley are a city of greenery—nettles, wort and brambles crawl over the ground, hawthorn and holly bush over them, oak trees and pines spread above. The millpond weaves under them, and who knows what’s up there in the branches? Etherow is a site of Special Scientific Interest, with a flat walk round the lower millpond, and a two mile walk round both ponds. So attractive is Etherow, even the surface of the millpond becomes a playground—cluttered with ducks, who argue with model boats, a yacht club and fishermen. There’s also a large cafe with a terrace, and the stone Compsall village with pub and shop. Perhaps the lack of amusements is why older people, any abilities and children are all happy here.