Clayton Hall

Ashton New Road

Old house visit of limited opening, but central


image of clayton-hall

Get there

Public transport: Buses along Ashton New Road, many. ‘Clayton Hall’ tram station across the road. Private transport: Ashton New Road or surrounding streets. Disabled badge vehicles can use the house carpark. 2 miles east of Piccadilly. Turn up in good time and there are tours available.


Warning: house only open on first and third Saturdays of the month. Got to like the start of Clayton Hall, a tiny but strollable park then a moat—not a ditch, a circa. 12 foot drop with bridge. The garden is good also—it’s tiny, but the paths, bushes and outbuildings convince that this is a tea‐on‐the‐lawn historical drama. The house is, for England, ancient, and what’s left is a mix of Tudor and Georgian, something you could only imagine in your head, but here exists. It’s owned by the council, but run by a community volunteer group. Inside, the rooms are densely decorated as roughly Victorian with, a blessing, no signs, glass or monitor screens in the way. The place even smells right (muslin, wood, brass and clean, I add) and as long as you respect the age and love, you can try exhibits, as far as being able to dress as Victorian. Which the volunteers often do, and stage events near‐anyday the hall is open. And a big tearoom you could like for itself. Overall small, due to limited opening times not for a casual visit, and you need to find some enthusiasm for what’s there, but this cross between a doll’s house and filmset has intrigue in every corner. And universally excellent visitor ratings.