Classic Football Shirt Shop

Dale Street

Every football shirt you can think of


image of classic-football-shirt-shop

Get there

Public transport: tram/bus to ‘Piccadilly Gardens’, 2 mins. Piccadilly train station, 10 mins. Private transport: Newton Street, poorly‐rated Port Street, several other street carparks.


You may ask, “What happened to your criteria? What do you do there, leaf through racks of football shirts?” “Yes.” “Not an unusual activity is it?” “Said and done, no.” “Not much to escape the 9–5?” “Guess not.” “What, then?” Well… I’ve heard people say the football shirt shop is why they go out. Aim of the afternoon. Reason for travel. And why? Because, in the known world, this is the widest collection of shirts. Every player you can think of. All shirts sourced by the dedicated, and believed‐genuine (or otherwise marked). So the shop is unique (near—they have a London branch). Open many years. Sited in the Northern Quarter, so anyone not into football shirts can find a place for coffee, bury through Northern Quarter curios, head for Piccadilly Gardens commerce or… Anyway, I wouldn’t wear a football shirt. But do they have “Roberto Baggio?” Yes. Why isn’t this shop listed as a tourist destination? Foreign visitors… I know people this shop would make their visit, right there. Don’t take this entry as precedent.