Bramall Hall

SouthEast Cheadle Hume

Grounds with many areas, walkable house, and food options


image of bramall-hall

Get there

Public transport: The hall is maybe 30mins walk from the obvious stop of Cheadle Hume, but a bus runs to the side. Public and private transport: Bramall Hall is tucked away down estate roads—entrances are not obvious. Price and times are for entrance to the Hall.


Cheadle is a suburb of Manchester, and it’s not very Northern—Southerners will feel right at home. And there would seem to be no reason to go, unless for food and the pubs. But there is Bramall Hall, and once there there’s no missing it. Sure it’s not a famous masterpiece—it’s a place where people lived and worked. Rich people, but people. The house has been laid out with artefacts from the 1500’s—yes, Shakespeare, you wonder if he may wander in—to the coming of the machine age. It’s both charming and a maze. And you can wander round—I kept wondering where the people were, and if I could ask for tea or an orange? Truth is, people don’t go to Bramall only for the house. The Hall is set into large, though not huge grounds, styled like a miniature stately home. Where you’ll find an adventure playground, woodland paths and decent food. No, Bramall Hall is not legendary. but has been a destination for generations of families …and parents who would like something for themselves.