Altrincham Centre

South West Manchester, 7 1/2 miles

Town centre, part‐pedestrianised with posh cafes and goods


image of altrincham-centre

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‘The Modern Market Town’ (current slogan). Or ‘satellite pitch for the well‐heeled’. You choose—Altrincham has for centuries been called ‘affluent’. Packed with upmarket cafes—an Altrincham bistro is a bistro. Part‐pedestrianised, which is good for street‐eating. Five or six shops sell deep ranges of wine and/or beer. This town can carry interior design shops—import or bespoke. Someplace a tailor, and jewellers that do not need to display prices. In side‐streets you’ll find everyday product but flair‐presented, such as florists, pedal‐bike, charity and record shops; mixed with cafes and street‐seated pubs. There is a market, open Tues/Thurs/Fri/Sat—it’s small, half is cafes, other stalls are of specialised food with a few green/earth and designer‐art outlets. The architecture of Altrincham has moments, but nothing world‐challenging. Money and/or planning has given new buildings expensive facing, so the town pulls together better by far than other satellite towns—even the hospital looks good. Altrincham is special—only other place I can think of in the North for unchallenging specialist/luxury shopping is York, some may argue for Chester? However, shops are all—no other features or visits of note.